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Professional Clinical Research Translations by a French Native Speaker

As an expert in clinical research translations, with over a decade of experience in the field, I will help you communicate with the French-speaking medical community and share your discovery with a broader audience, by providing you with optimal quality translations.

Clinical research translation
enables you to:

  • Help medical professionals in their work
  • Facilitate collaboration among researchers from different backgrounds and countries
  • Contribute to potentially life-changing research efforts
  • Maintain your reputation as a professional pharmaceutical company
  • Improve patient health and safety

Adeline Starck

Since 2010, I have helped numerous researchers, CROs (Contract Research Organizations) and pharmaceutical companies with the translation of their medical documents. However, I officially began my career as a translator back in 2004, where I provided French translations of legal and technical materials.

Based in France, I translate only into my mother tongue: French. I also specialize in only one field: medicine. I believe focusing on one specialization allows a translator to be fully committed to that industry and, in doing so, certifies high-quality and consistency in every project.

I am dedicated to your translation from beginning to end.

Human translation always wins

To ensure you are communicating effectively with your French audience, it is important to have high-quality, accurate translations that express your message naturally while maintaining brand voice. 

Machine translation (MT) enables swift and low-priced translations, but they may lack in the quality human translation provides. That said, MT has immensely improved in accuracy in recent years thanks to advances in software.

Nevertheless, I always advise my clients to choose human translation for their medical documents. A human translator possesses first-hand experience of specific cultures and abides by a strict code of ethics that prioritizes native translation, mastery of cultures, confidentiality, and professionalism.

If you are going to choose machine translation, opt for it with post-editing by a human translator. It won’t be as fast as machine translation alone, but it can give your copy a more polished and authentic feel.

Clinical Research Translator delivers translation and MT post-editing services for the most tailored approach to meet your every need while enhancing quality and reducing turnaround time.

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