Professional Ethics

Clinical Research Translator

Committed to Professional Ethics and Quality

Professional Ethics

I abide by a code of ethics of the French Translators’ Society (SFT), which includes:

Translation only into one’s native language

It is only possible to guarantee optimum quality when a translator translates only into their mother tongue.

Mastery of English-speaking and Spanish-speaking cultures

Common language doesn’t equal common culture. The translator plays an important role in the process of intercultural communication and in order to ensure an accurate and authentic translation, it is imperative to fully understand cultural differences.


I always certify professional translation services.


Respect for deadlines is respect for the recipient.


The translator is subject to professional secrecy and must not disclose any of your private data.


Quality is imperative as a translator – especially as a medical translator when there’s much at stake.

Using my skills and experience as a clinical research translator, I provide you with quality services. I deliver accurate, authentic, and honed translations that reflect my dedication to quality and your credibility as a company.

I am always available to meet your translation needs.

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